About Us: Testimonials and Success Stories


Steve was terrific!  He was highly knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and completely engaged in providing our son with excellent insight into the SAT testing process.  Steve has a comprehensive and insightful understanding of the SAT testing process and he has developed highly effective strategies that he has cultivated over the years by personally taking the SAT exam.  Steve tailored his teaching and counseling to the specific needs of our son and he was always thoroughly prepared for each session.  As a result of Steve's knowledge, advice and tutoring, our son's scores went up 490 points.  We were truly impressed with his SAT services.  We will be using Steve again to tutor our daughter when she enters high school.  Thank you Steve!

John and Lisa - West Chester, PA


Steve was just what Alec needed.  He really helped him boost his scores and at the same time, his confidence.  After working with Steve for less than 4 weeks, Alec's scores jumped almost 200 points.  If there was more time before the test, I am sure it would have been even higher.  Thank you Steve!

Jean Ellen Gulasarian - West Chester, PA


We enlisted Steve's help tutoring our daughter for her SATs. Unfortunately, she was required to take them in 10th grade in order to be considered for admission by some of the more academically challenging schools during the athletic recruitment process. Needless to say, she was very concerned that taking them so early in her high school career would be a huge disadvantage and could hinder her eligibility as opposed to enhance it. However, with Steve's help and guidance, she gained confidence and determination and elevated her scores almost 200 points from the PSAT she had taken just 6 months earlier. Most importantly, she liked Steve as a person and never once complained about her tutoring sessions! A big THANK YOU to Steve for helping to make this process pleasant, stress free and civilized!

Lauren Dambly -  Media, PA


Steve is a wonderful math coach for our middle school son. He works at a pace which balances his student's understanding of the material and the time deadline for a test. Steve is both creative and flexible in delivering a curriculum. He layers the fundamentals which build upon one another, and applies mathematical concepts to my son's real life interests to assure understanding and mastery of the relevant material. Steve's positive and empowering communication style created a confidence in my son to believe in his capabilities to succeed in math.

Elizabeth Nourian - Bryn Mawr, PA


An SAT score increase of 310 points, fantastic! Tutoring with Steve made the difference. Steve worked with my son, Cole through weekly preparation sessions for his 1st and 2nd SAT's and the results were clear. The way Steve focused Cole on learning better SAT test taking skills with a specific microscope placed on my son's individual needs and weakness helped Cole reach his goal. We are now confidently visiting top choices where Cole's SAT scores sit comfortably above the required for every university he is interested in. Thank you Steve!

Stacy Jorgensen - Philadelphia, PA


Steve helped me to increase my SAT score by 150 points within the short span of a month leading up to the test. He boosted my confidence and had me walking into my classroom on test day calm and prepared. He is truly the best and I can't thank him enough!

Kylie Johnson - Conestoga High School


Steve was a great tutor! Besides being very flexible with lesson times, he is a very personable guy (which is important to make students feel comfortable), and extremely knowledgeable about the SAT test. He gave our daughter great insight into understanding all the different sections of the test, types of questions in each section, strategies for interpreting and selecting answers for certain types of questions and other tips that we would never have known otherwise. Additionally he provided content knowledge that helped my daughter understand better where she needed to focus her preparation efforts. I know that some people may consider a one-on-one, personal tutor to be a considerable expense, but the return on investment for us was well worth it. My daughter's scores were fantastic and I am very optimistic we will now qualify for merit aid that we would not have qualified for otherwise. Additionally, we feel that we can consider many more colleges that we would not have considered had her scores not been so good. Thank you Steve!

W.M. - Tredyffrin, PA


Steve was just what Lexi needed to boost her confidence in taking standardized tests.  She surpassed her score from the first time she took the ACT.  He gave her strategies regarding how to look at questions differently, and his time and effort working with her really paid off!

Jodi Silow - Penn Valley, PA


Thank you very much for all of your help and guidance while tutoring Paige. With your help her SAT scores were up over 200 points from the time that she started with you! Your flexibility and teaching style really put her at ease and made the process enjoyable.

Bob Murphy - Williamstown, NJ


I'd like to thank Steve so much for all he helped me with. Going into the SAT process I didn't really know where to begin, what to study, and how to approach problems I didn't know how to do. Steve helped me take things step by step and answer questions in all three sections efficiently and effectively. My scores improved more than I ever thought they would or could when I began working with Main Line Test Prep. I greatly appreciate the positive and relatively stress free experience!

Sophie Shah - Merion Station, PA


Steve worked with me for several weeks to make sure my MBA Applications were in tip-top shape.  He kept me focused and made sure that I was answering the questions that were asked, instead of the questions that I wanted to answer.  He made sure that I did the work required so the schools could understand my goals and experience.  He definitely made a difference as I was accepted to Wharton Business School’s prestigious Lauder Institute Program.

Hideki Matsubara - Tokyo, Japan


Thanks for all your help and assistance. Jack was very confident with himself when taking the test. With your guidance, his score jumped by 170 points (including a 3-point rise in his essay score!).

Jane Gorman - Philadelphia, PA


English is not my first language (I am Japanese), but I wanted to attend university in America.  Steve taught the SAT to me in a way I could understand. He taught many shortcuts (in both math and English). My scores went up over 100 after one week! Eventually, my score jumped 270 points (on the old 1600 scale). I got into a great school. Thanks Steve!

Yoko T. - Tokyo, Japan


With Steve's help, our son's score increased 240 points. He found minor, fixable flaws in our son's approach to certain types of reading and writing questions. Together, Steve and our son adjusted his approach on certain questions, and it paid off! Thanks Steve!

Amy Buckman - Bala Cynwyd, PA


Steve did a tremendous job helping me beat my goal on the GMAT. When I first started my GMAT journey I was using a self directed Kaplan Online course that involved no instruction; I was doing all of my studying on my own. When I took the test for the first time I got a 660. After that, I reached out to Steve to help me get the extra guidance I needed to get a score north of 700. After some sessions with Steve I felt much more confident going in to the test. Upon taking the GMAT for a second time I scored a 750 and was blown away by how far I had come in such a short amount of time. I owe a lot of my success to Steve!

Jared F. - Bryn Mawr, PA


Main Line Test Prep was a critical piece of getting into 6th grade (non-feeder entry year) at Potomac. Our daughter was one of 65 applicants for 9 spots. Her few hours with Steve were critical. Steve helped her with strategies to tackle subjects that were completely new to her (e.g, negative number properties). He also armed her with general test taking strategies. After just two hours with Steve, we saw a significant jump in test score results (over 25% improvement on scores). Further, she scored over 90 percentile in two areas that had stumped her during practice. After this positive experience, we will definitely use Steve in a few years for SAT prep.

Edmund S - Arlington, VA


Steve helped identify my weaknesses on the GMAT.  He showed me more effective ways to study. We discussed the logic behind the problems and practical strategies for eliminating answers under time pressure. Most importantly, I did well on the GMAT and I am now getting my MBA!

Pete Shumar - Philadelphia, PA


When I first started studying for the GRE, my practice scores were fairly low and would not have been good enough to get me into the graduate schools at which I was looking. Steve taught me the skills and techniques necessary to excel on the exam and provided me with support each step of the way. With Steve's help, I reached my ideal scores on my first attempt at the GRE! Main Line Test Prep definitely made a difference.

Maddy Liss - Bucknell University


Steve worked with me for several weeks to make sure my MBA Applications were in tip-top shape.  He kept me focused and made sure that I was answering the questions that were asked, instead of the questions that I wanted to answer.  He made sure that I did the work required so the schools could understand my goals and experience.  He definitely made a difference as I was accepted to Wharton Business School’s prestigious Lauder Institute Program.

Hideki Matsubara - Tokyo, Japan


"Hi Steve.  Thanks for tutoring Sophia. Her SAT scores are up over 250 from the time you first started tutoring her!  I told everyone that I'd found the world's greatest tutor.  That you continued to find time for Sophia with everything that was going on in your own life makes you even more amazing.  Really, I am so grateful to you!"  

T.D. - Randolph, NJ